Message from our Directors

DUST TO SHINE Cleaning Services, located in the center of Dubai, is having a team with nearly 30 years of cumulative experience in the cleaning industry. Being a service provider in UAE, we have gained a solid and reliable reputation in this business based on wealth of expertise and proven work experiences.

DUST TO SHINE is a fast-growing organization, strongly built with pride and heartful dedication in providing the best and guaranteed cleaning services in the market. We are highly recommendable by mostly of our regular and loyal clients who keep our services for a long term.

We value much our clients and our team are working closely with our client’s requirement. We align our services in matching their needs, ensuring 100% full satisfaction on the services rendered to them. Ours is not a checklist business; we continually listen to client requirements and align our services to match their needs. We are very passionate about what we do, and it shows. Our dedication to delivering an excellent and consistent service makes us stand out from other cleaning companies. Clients tend to stay with us in long run. There are numerous cleaning companies in Dubai, but when you become our client, you can rest assured you have chosen a reputable company who will provide you with exceptional cleaning services.

We are flexible enough and we offer very competitive and unbeatable rates when it comes to customization of cleaning program to suit our client needs and budget, Whether you require daily, weekly or monthly service, or just one-time only service, you can count on DUST TO SHINE. We constantly monitor our work, and should any area fail to meet our strict home cleaning standards, it will be corrected immediately. We are 24/7 available for you all client and we offer very competitive and even unbeatable rates that are hardly found elsewhere. With different types of cleaning services, and frequencies for home cleaning or office cleaning, we have wide range of pricing options to choose, from hourly rate to daily, weekly and monthly intervals. We can adapt customization of cleaning program as per the service requirement that suits our client’s budget.

And of course, We strongly encourage to have customer communication and to receive their testimonials about our provided services all over social media and review websites as this will surely help in motivating us for a continual improvement value your input to heighten our level of cleaning services. in keeping our services properly aligned with our built reputation in the cleaning services industry.

“Soar high and you will shine”
~ Dheeraj Periwal ~

Management Team

Mr. Hani Dalvi


Mr. Mayank Sethi

Operation Head

DUST TO SHINE Cleaning Services is a vibrant, dynamic and highly innovative cleaning services company in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, focused in providing exceptional customer service, and driven by a culture which stipulates “right at first time” approach. We are the one-stop solution for all your cleaning requirements.

We have been into a thorough research of the UAE market where there is a growing demand of cleaning services, especially of the maid services across region due to a number of personal factors including but not limited to geographical location, social standing, lack of personal time, and lack of experience.

We are experienced and professional provider of high quality cleaners for all cleaning services requirement which include daily office cleaning, residential cleaning, commercial cleaning, deep cleaning, shops and retail outlets cleaning, party help, move-in & move-out , and more. We offer complete cleaning services to all type of industries: commercial spaces and offices, retail shops/outlets and residential complexes, flats, apartments and villas.

All our cleaners are independent and professional who have years of experience in cleaning homes and offices of all shapes and sizes. We screen our cleaners thoroughly and hold them to the highest quality standards, and we are confident that our clients will be completely satisfied with the completed works.

Our team is very passionate about the levels of service that we deliver in any angle to all our customers. We conduct audits and we carried out control measures to ensure a strict compliance with the specifications and standards for cleanliness and hygiene. We work around our client schedule to help and meet their specifi cleaning needs, instead of them having to invest their own precious time and energy in housekeeping duties.

We are available 24/7 for your cleaning service booking requirement. We respond quickly, responsibly and efficiently to all our client needs.

We pride ourselves providing a total customer satisfaction to our esteemed clients.

We are aiming to be on top of the professional cleaning service industry in UAE by increasing the number of our clients throughout the region.

Our main focus is to achieve an exceptional level of customer satisfaction by providing and maintaining an extreme quality service performance that exceeds our customer expectations, including introduction and application of innovative solutions for continual improvement in all aspects of cleaning services.

Mission and Vission

We aim to build a strong and profitable maid cleaning service company by delivering to our client a fully professional service that is always fair, efficient, helpful and responsible in all means.

To our Client, we are committed to build the loyalty of our client by ensuring them that we are always focused in what we do to meet and exceed their expectation and to provide them total customer satisfaction.

To our Employees, we are committed to create a healthy work environment where we can take pride of ourselves, our colleagues and our company.

General Information

DUST TO SHINE Cleaning Services has been established by a very reliable and vibrant Managing Director, Mr. Dheeraj Periwal. He strongly believes that the company and its organization has the ability and all the capabilities and resources to find the unique solution in overcoming client’s issues on meeting their cleaning standards for home, office, retail shops and the like which requires our service’ expertise and specialization at the most competitive rates. His practical and valuable know-how and services spirit are cleaning expert broadly supported from property management companies and building owners and the tenants.

With DUST TO SHINE, we provide high quality-rated cleaning services with our team of professional cleaners. We perform our duties and commitment to our client with great care and completeness of work. We provide our own transportation and we only use eco friendly cleaning equipment and materials. Our client can opt to have their own cleaning materials to be used if they wish.

All our staff knows the basic and common language of use in English which we assure that communication will not be a barrier for giving detailed instructions from our client. We have different nationalities of staff which we are aware that some of our clients are very selective of. To be the best loved cleaning company, DUST TO SHINE will keep providing services with a spirit of challenge and continuous innovation. We offer a minimum of two (2) hours duty per service call. Any succeeding hours are billed on a given rate.

Our rates may vary depending on the following types of services:

• Same Day Cleaning Services
• Occasional Cleaning Services
• Regular / Recurring Cleaning Services
• Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Annual Maintenance Cleaning Services

All other terms and conditions, as agreed between Dust To Shine and the Client.